What is Eggshell Paint?

What is Eggshell Paint

As experts in all things paint, we often get asked about the best finishes for different parts of the home. Today, we’re spotlighting one of our favorites: eggshell paint. Known for its subtle sheen and durability, eggshell is a top choice for many of our customers in Princeton, East Windsor, and Hamilton.

What is Eggshell Paint?

Eggshell paint, named for its resemblance to the low luster of an eggshell, strikes a perfect balance between matte and glossy finishes. It offers a slight sheen, more than matte paint, but less than satin, making it ideal for walls where a touch of gloss is desired without the full shine of a gloss finish.

Advantages of Eggshell Paint:

One of the reasons we recommend eggshell paint at Kucker Haney is its practicality. It’s remarkably durable, resisting scuffs and stains better than flat or matte paint. This makes it perfect for medium-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Its ease of cleaning makes it a practical choice for busy households.

Application Tips:

We suggest using a high-quality brush or roller for the best results with eggshell paint. The key is to apply it evenly to avoid streaks and ensure a smooth finish. If you need help with the best tools or techniques, our team is always here to help with expert advice. Always remember to apply paint primer first to a smooth, clean surface. 

Ideal Use Cases:

Eggshell is versatile. While we recommend it for walls and ceilings, it’s particularly well-suited for spaces where you want a slight sheen without overwhelming glossiness. It’s also an excellent backdrop for various color palettes, enhancing the depth and richness of hues. 

Color Considerations:

Colors in eggshell finish interact beautifully with light, offering a soft glow that adds warmth to a room. When selecting colors, consider the room’s lighting, as eggshell can subtly reflect light, influencing the color’s appearance. We suggest Benjamin Moore Aura paint. It resists scuffing and burnishing and is washable. 

Maintenance and Cleaning:

One of eggshell paint’s strengths is its ease of maintenance. It can withstand gentle cleaning, making it a practical choice for homes with kids or pets. A damp cloth is often all you need to keep your eggshell-painted surfaces looking fresh.

Comparing with Other Finishes:

While eggshell is our go-to for many projects, there are better choices for some rooms. High-traffic areas or spaces prone to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, might benefit more from satin or semi-gloss finishes due to their higher durability and moisture resistance.

Eggshell paint offers a perfect combination of elegance and practicality. It’s ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether renovating or just refreshing a room, eggshell is a finish worth considering. Ready to explore eggshell paint options for your home? Visit us at Kucker Haney Paint Co in Princeton, East Windsor, or Hamilton. Our team is excited to help you choose the perfect paint for your project!