Purdy brushes and rollers are made with craftsmanship in mind. Purdy brushes come in different combinations of filaments to complete every job and a variety of alder wood handles to suit any preference. Every job requires something different. That’s why Purdymakes a wide range of rollers to cover every application – no matter how big or small.

White Dove™White Dove™

Pro-Extra® White Dove™Pro-Extra® White Dove™

Golden Eagle™ 3 Roller Multi-PacksWhite Dove™ 3 Roller Multi-Packs

Golden Eagle™Golden Eagle™

Golden Eagle™ 2 Roller Multi-PacksGolden Eagle™ 2 Roller Multi-Packs

Golden Eagle™ 3 Roller Multi-PacksGolden Eagle™ 3 Roller Multi-Packs

Pro-Extra® Dale™Pro-Extra® Dale™

Pro-Extra® Elasco™Pro-Extra® Elasco™

Pro-Extra® Glide™Pro-Extra® Glide™

Pro-Extra® Monarch™Pro-Extra® Monarch™

Pro-Extra® Pip™Pro-Extra® Pip™

Pro-Extra® Sprig™Pro-Extra® Sprig™

Pro-Extra® Swan™Pro-Extra® Swan™

XL™ Blue Heron™ B.T.™XL™ Blue Heron™ B.T.™

XL™ Bow™XL™ Bow™

XL™ Cub™XL™ Cub™

XL™ Dale™XL™ Dale™

XL™ Elasco™XL™ Elasco™

XL™ Glide ™XL™ Glide ™

XL™ Moose™XL™ Moose™

XL™ Nylonia™XL™ Nylonia™

XL™ Pip™XL™ Pip™

XL™ Sprig™XL™ Sprig™

XL™ Swan™XL™ Swan™