Arrowworthy Micro Fiber Covers

Coverage and finish matter when it comes to painting. Arrowworthy takes all that into consideration with their superior paint roller covers. Choose from merino wool, sheepskin, and microfiber covers.

Arroworthy-9MFR6-9-x-0.75-inArroworthy 9MFR6 9 x 0.75 in. Microfiber Roller Cover

Arroworthy-Microfiber-9-In.-W-X-9-16-InArroworthy Microfiber 9 In. W X 9/16 In. S Paint Roller Cover 4 Pk

ArroWorthy-Glossdel-Microfiber-6-In.-W-X-3-8-InArroWorthy Glossdel Microfiber 6 In. W X 3/8 In.S Mini Paint Roller Cover 10 Pk

Arroworthy-6.5-MFR3SJ-Microfiber-Jumbo-Roller-Cover,-6Arroworthy 6.5-MFR3SJ Microfiber Jumbo Roller Cover, 6″

Arroworthy---411jb-mfr3c---4-inArroworthy – 411jb-mfr3c – 4 in. W Jumbo Mini Paint Roller Frame and Cover Threaded End

Arroworthy-18PPMFR6-18-Microfiber-3-4-Nap-Roller-CoverArroworthy 18PPMFR6 18″ Microfiber 3/4″ Nap Roller Cover