Stortz Scrapers

The Stortz scraper makes it easy to remove paint while keeping the wood intact and creating the least hazardous work environment while scraping paint. Perfect for home improvement projects, you can restore your windows, trim, doorways, and railings with the Stortz paint scraper.

Square-End-Panel-Blade-Paint-Scraper-–-145-ASquare End Panel Blade Paint Scraper – 145-A

Oval-Paint-Scraper-–-143-DOval Paint Scraper – 143-D

2-1-2-Triangle-Paint-Scraper-–-356-D2 1/2″ Triangle Paint Scraper – 356-D

3″-Triangle-Paint-Scraper-–-356-E3″ Triangle Paint Scraper – 356-E

2″-Triangle-Paint-Scraper-–-356-C2″ Triangle Paint Scraper – 356-C

Half-Oval-Blade-Paint-Scraper-–-144-AHalf Oval Blade Paint Scraper – 144-A