Blue Nova 825 is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024

Blue Nova 825 is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024

Blue Nova 825 is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024. It is a prominent member of Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2024 palette, comprising ten distinct hues meticulously crafted to fuse elements of traditional and modern design styles seamlessly.  From the timeless and pristine White Dove to the warm and welcoming Honeybee, each shade within this palette draws inspiration from experiences that transcend the ordinary. This ensures that living spaces become more than just rooms; they become reflections of life’s unforeseen and enchanting moments.

Where can I use Blue Nova 825?

Bedrooms: Give your bedroom a tranquil makeover with Blue Nova on the walls. Pair it with soft, neutral bedding and metallic accents to create a dreamy, celestial ambiance.

Living Rooms: Make a bold statement using Blue Nova as an accent wall in your living room. Combine it with plush furniture in harmonious tones like warm grays or earthy neutrals to establish a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Home Offices: Cultivate creativity and concentration in your home office by incorporating Blue Nova. This color adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the ambiance for improved productivity.
Dining Spaces: Elevate your dining experience by surrounding the room with the elegance of Blue Nova. Complement it with metallic finishes and wooden accents for a well-balanced and refined aesthetic.

What are the Color Trends 2024?

The Color Trends 2024 palette is a valuable reference for creating a cohesive color scheme for your home. This palette offers a striking array of vibrant, bold colors alongside timeless neutrals. Benjamin color trends 2024 Moore’s 2024 palette aligns with the current trend of embracing a broader spectrum of colors. It signifies a departure from the predominant use of gray, beige, and greige.

As you delve into the 2024 Color Trends, you must recognize that these colors extend beyond paint choices. They can also be seamlessly incorporated into your decor and other accents. You can effortlessly weave these hues into your interior design through accent pillows, furniture, rugs, and artwork. You may even find some of these colors in your home, making the transition to this vibrant palette more accessible.

Pairing the classic White Dove (OC-17) with Regent Green (2136-20) creates a dynamic play on black and white. The rich, jewel-colored Regent Green can dominate the room or serve as a striking trim accent. In hallways, the sage-infused Antique Pewter (1560) pairs wonderfully with the creamy Pristine (OC-75), which provides a solid foundation for the mossy hue. The combination of Blue Nova (825) and Topaz (070), a terra-cotta orange, introduces a bold, luxurious, captivating take on neutrals. Teacup Rose (2170-50) and Polar Sky (1674) offer a delicate interpretation of the blue and orange relationship in pastel shades. Meanwhile, Hazy Lilac (2116-40) and Honeybee (CSP-950) create a warm and inviting atmosphere suitable for bedrooms or whimsical mudrooms.

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